IP Theory, founded in 2010, is an online, peer-edited, open-access intellectual property law publication. In 2013, Emory University Law School joined as a partner of the publication. It is neither law journal nor blog; it is a different sort of publication designed to occupy a niche between the two. It serves as a new forum for essays and opinion pieces that are more concise (and more lightly footnoted) than typical law review articles, as well as book and other literature reviews.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2014)



Cultural Cognition of Patents
Lisa Larrimore Ouellette

Editorial Board, Volume 4, Issue 1

Francesca Cardillo - Editor-in-Chief (Indiana)
Deepa Balavijayan - Editor (Emory)
Jim Crook - Editor (Emory)
Kevin Domanico - Editor (Indiana)
EJ Henricks - Editor (Indiana)
Karan Jhurani - Editor (Emory)
Kassandra Officer - Editor (Indiana)
Emily Storm-Smith - Editor (Indiana)
Tammy Tanner - Editor (Emory)
Anna Wortham - Editor (Indiana)
Rian Dawson - Editor (Indiana)