IUSTITIA (Latin for "body of law") was a student run interdisciplinary journal of law and opinion published between 1973 and 1977. Two issues were published each academic year. The editorial board was primarily interested in material dealing with both the theory and the practice of applied law. The journal aimed to stimulate within its readership an inward awareness to the day's externalities. The idea of IUSTITIA constituted a strong commitment to re-evaluating key social, economic and political issues on the basis of their ultimate legal implications.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Number 2 (1975)



The Runaways
Richard David Young


Jenifer Robison

Senior Editors
Allen T. Berman
Karen Ruse Strueh
Thomas W. Fox

Managing Editor
Fred Norman

Associate Editors
John G. Donner
Theodore C. Simmons
Ian T. Ball
Dick Waller