The Indiana University School of Law was founded in 1842 as the first state university law department in the Midwest, with David McDonald serving as its first Professor of Law. In 1877 the Law Department suspended operation, reopening in 1889 as the School of Law, with David D. Banta serving as its first dean. Since that rocky start the Law School has flourished under the leadership of 16 deans, including our longest serving dean, Bernard Gavit; our first female dean, Lauren Robel; and our current dean, Christina Ochoa. Each has left their mark on the school that is today’s Indiana University Maurer School of Law. More information on our Deans can be found here. In addition to our seventeen Deans, several exceptional individuals have served as Acting, or Interim, Deans. To learn more about each of these individuals, view the pages below.


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Hannah Buxbaum (2011-2013 Interim)

Terry Bethel (1990-1991 Acting)

Maurice James Holland (1984-1985 Acting; 1986 Acting)

Val Nolan Jr. (1976 Acting; 1980 Acting)

Harry Pratter (1976-1977 Acting)

Frank Horack (1949 Acting)

Hugh Willis (1942-1943 Acting)