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Writing by Dean David Banta

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James A. Woodburn, HISTORY OF INDIANA UNIVERSITY. Bloomington: Indiana University, 1940 (Chapter 3, pp. 54-77)


Inauguration of Andrew Wylie-the curriculum-compulsory attendance at early morning prayers-the building erected in the early 1830's-proposed dormitory plan-library-apparatus increased attendance-activities of enemies of the College-attack on Dr. Wylie in the "Annotator"-political phases of the controversy-" Address to the Public" by students-petitions to the General Assembly-charge of sectarianism-disbanding of Henodelphisterian Society and organization of Athenian and Philomathean.


Speech delivered as the Foundation Day address, on January 20, 1891, in the Old College chapel.

Later published, 1 Indiana University Alumni Quarterly 272 (July 1914) and then reprinted in, History of Indiana University, Bloomington: Indiana University, 1940.

The digitized copy contained here is from the above 1940 publication.