Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD)


Saudi Arabians and Americans face challenges when they seek to enforce judgments in each other’s country courts because of the absence of international conventions on recognition and enforcement of foreign country money judgments. The lack of such conventions impacts the aggrieved party interest for businesspeople and individuals from both countries, and no research has been found that discusses an agreement between the two counties on foreign judgments. Therefore, this dissertation focuses on the challenges parties face when they desire to enforce a judgment either in Saudi Arabia or the U.S. The study examines the laws that govern foreign country money judgment recognition and enforcement in Saudi Arabia and the United States, and analyzes the gap between the two countries’ laws on recognition and enforcement of foreign money judgments to find solutions for the challenges that parties face. In addition, this study investigates the possibility of reaching a bilateral agreement between Saudi Arabia and the United States on foreign money judgments enforcement. Filling the gap on this matter is important because the absence of an agreement between Saudi Arabia and the U.S. can create obstacles to reaching a resolution. So, this study will make lawmakers of both countries aware of these obstacles with the hope policymakers will consider the contents of this dissertation when they reach the negotiation stage.

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