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Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD)


This dissertation focuses on the issues of copyright enforcement and management. Especially, the research looks into how the digital technology reshapes the general perceptions and landscape of the copyright system in terms of online enforcement and management. Stepping into the digital age, the interaction between copyright holders and other parties, including online users and the ISPs, establishes two coexisting models—the right-holder-centric model and the cooperative model. Therefore, the dissertation analyzes which model is more appropriate and efficient with respect to online copyright enforcement and management.

As a matter of fact, the coexistences of two models provides copyright holders and other parties with multiple options in terms of copyright enforcement and management. Each model has distinctive features and mechanism, and builds upon different perceptions and foundations. The idea that one model can replace the other does not support the analysis in this dissertation because each model covers strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, each model should be the supplementary option to the other according to specific circumstances. To sum up, the two models should works as a general entity to promote the copyright enforcement and management.