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Master of Laws (LLM)


Legal education reform is a hot topic today. However, legal educators generally avoid discussing this important topic. Although legal education in Saudi Arabia is unique and complex, it is very hard to find academic literature about it. While this paper provides a brief explanation of legal education in Saudi Arabia, the main purpose of this paper is to discuss whether or not the current program at the College of Law prepares graduates for the best opportunities available in the legal market. And if not, how it could do a better job of making the program reach its full potential to provide the best available education to its students. This thesis is divided into three main parts. Part I of this thesis starts by describing the overall structure of the Saudi legal system including a brief history of the legal education system, the court system, and the legal market for students after graduation. Part II offers a complete description of the College of Law. It begins with a brief background on the College and its founding. Next, this part states the school’s vision, mission statement, and objectives, which are supposed to shape the purpose of founding the College of Law. Part III analyzes the College of Law by examining four main elements: students, curriculum, professors, and environment. I conclude in this paper that the current Bachelor of Laws program at the College of Law does not prepare graduates for the best opportunities available in the national and international legal market. The College of Law, therefore, should implement and adopt some changes to its current practice to provide the best educational experience for its students.