Law & Gender: A collection of legal writings by Maurer women, arranged chronologically

A Question (Althouse, 1892)

Equal Rights for Women: The Need for a National Policy (Lamber, 1971)

Women Executives, Managers and Professionals in the Indiana Criminal Justice System (Lamber & Streib, 1974)

The Equal Rights Amendment as an Instrument for Social Change (Riddle & Fishel, 1974)

Gender and Crime: Offense Patterns and Criminal Court Sanctions (Nagel & Hagan, 1983)

The Creation of Fetal Rights: Conflicts with Women's Constitutional Rights to Liberty, Privacy, and Equal Protection (Johnsen, 1986)

Webster and Women's Equality (Johnsen & Wilder, 1989)

Whose Nature? Practical Reason and Patriarchy (Henderson, 1990)

Great Expectations: Women in the Legal Profession: A Commentary on State Studies (Gellis, 1991)

Tamar Althouse Scholz, First Woman Law Graduate (Pauwels, 1992)

Gender and Intercollegiate Athletics: Data and Myths (Lamber, 2001)

Women in the Law: Milestones and Information (Pauwels, 2002)