Globalization from the Ground Up: A Domestic Perspective


Globalization from the Ground Up: A Domestic Perspective



Professor Aman's contribution, chapter 1 of volume 2, is titled "Globalization from the Ground Up: A Domestic Perspective."


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Westport, CT


Globalization-United States, United States-Social conditions-21st century, United States-Economic conditions-21st century, International Economics


International Law | Law | Law and Economics


Crawford, Beverly, Michelle Bertho, and Edward A. Fogarty, eds. The Impact of Globalization on the United States. Praeger, 2008.

Over the past decade, a virtual cottage industry has arisen to produce books and articles describing the nature, origins, and impact of globalization. Largely and surprisingly absent from this literature, however, has been extensive discussion of how globalization is affecting the United States itself. Indeed, it is rarely even acknowledged that while the United States may be providing a crucial impetus to globalization, the process of globalization — once set in motion — has become a force unto itself. Thus globalization has its own logic and demands that are having a profound impact within the United States, often in ways that are unanticipated. This set offers the first in-depth, systematic effort at assessing the United States not as a globalizing force but as a nation being transformed by globalization. Among the topics studied are globalization in the form of intensified international linkages; globalization as a universalizing and/or Westernizing force; globalization in the form of liberalized flows of trade, capital, and labor; and globalization as a force for the creation of transnational and superterritorial entities and allegiances. These volumes examine how each of these facets of globalization affects American government, law, business, economy, society, and culture.

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Globalization from the Ground Up: A Domestic Perspective