The New Politics of Race and Gender (edited by Catherine Marshall)


The New Politics of Race and Gender (edited by Catherine Marshall)



Annotation What can schools do to eliminate sexism and racism? the 1990's with shifting demographics, disillusionment with conventional liberal policies and new political coalitions, the politics of race and gender requires new analyses. The chapters in this book demonstrate how the politics of race and gender enter into proposals for parental choice, business involvement in schools, definitions of good leadership, special schools for minority children, curriculum debates, and debates about testing and accountability. Catherine Marshall provides the political historical context of race and gender politics in schools, and the following eighteen chapters provide a greater in-depth analysis. The chapters include work of scholars and policy analysts focusing on policy and policy implementation at all levels of school politics in the US, Australia and Israel. The book ends with critical policy analysis, raising deep theoretical questions and pulling out the chronic race and gender issues in education politics.

Professor Brown's contribution, chapter 9, is titled "Do African-American Males Need Race and Gender Segregated Education?: An Educator's Perspective and a Legal Perspective".



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Falmer Press


Washington, D.C.


Discrimination in Education, Sexism in Education, Education and State, Minorities-Women-United States


Civil Rights and Discrimination | Education Law | Law


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The New Politics of Race and Gender (edited by Catherine Marshall)