The Market for Recent Law Graduates


The Market for Recent Law Graduates



Professor Henderson's contribution, chapter 12, is titled "The Market for Recent Law Graduates."


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Cambridge University Press


New York, NY


Legal assistance to the poor--United States, Legal aid--United States


Civil Rights and Discrimination | Law | Legal Profession | Social Welfare Law


Estreicher, Samuel and Joy Radice, eds. Beyond Elite Law: Access to Civil Justice in America. Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Are Americans making under $50,000 a year compelled to navigate the legal system on their own, or do they simply give up because they cannot afford lawyers? We know anecdotally that Americans of median or lower income generally do without legal representation or resort to a sector of the legal profession that - because of the sheer volume of claims, inadequate training, and other causes - provides deficient representation and advice. This book poses the question: can we - at the current level of resources, both public and private - better address the legal needs of all Americans? Leading judges, researchers, and activists discuss the role of technology, pro bono services, bar association resources, affordable solo and small firm fees, public service internships, and law student and nonlawyer representation.

  • Offers a systematic analysis of the lack of legal representation for middle- and low-income Americans
  • Literature review provides essential context for students, researchers, and practitioners
  • Describes current reforms and outlines a realistic agenda for access to justice challenges

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The Market for Recent Law Graduates