Copyright/Design Interface: Past, Present and Future (edited by Estelle Derclaye)


Copyright/Design Interface: Past, Present and Future (edited by Estelle Derclaye)



Protecting designs is complex and diverse; it involves deciding whether to protect them by design law, copyright law, or by both laws. A single protection may be under- or overprotective but two or more can be overprotective if there are no rules regulating the overlap. Legal systems in Europe and abroad have struggled to find the most adequate solution to this problem. This book traces the history of the design/copyright interface of fifteen countries, selected for their diversity in the way they dealt with the interface. It examines how these countries have coped with the problems engendered by the interface, the rules they applied to it over time and the reasons for legislative changes. This analysis reveals the most appropriate rules to regulate the interface at EU and global level and will appeal to academics, practising lawyers, judges, students and policymakers all over the world.

  • Reviews the history and evolution of different rules of copyright/design interface in fifteen countries, providing complete information on a country's law over time
  • Examines the current law of copyright/design interface, assisting readers in developing imaginative solutions for the future
  • Explores problems faced with past and current laws and seeks to find the most appropriate rules that can be used to regulate the interface at the EU and global level
  • The analysis of design application and registration statistics can be used to draw further conclusions and develop new solutions

Professor Janis' contribution, Chapter 10, is titled: "US Design Patent Law: A Historical Look at the Design Patent/Copyright Interface." It is co-authored by Jason J. Du Mont


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Copyright/Design Interface: Past, Present and Future (edited by Estelle Derclaye)