Empirical Studies of Patent Pools

Empirical Studies of Patent Pools



Professor Mattioli's contribution is titled, "Empirical Studies of Patent Pools" found in Volume 2.


9781848445369 (hb-2 volume set)

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Edward Elgar


Cheltenham, UK


Intellectual Property-Economic Aspects, Intellectual Property Law


Intellectual Property Law | Law | Law and Economics


Mennell, Peter Seth. Research Handbook on the Economics of Intellectual Property Law, v.2: Analytical Methods. Edward Elgar, 2019.

Both law and economics and intellectual property law have expanded dramatically in tandem over recent decades. This field-defining two-volume Handbook, featuring the leading legal, empirical, and law and economics scholars studying intellectual property rights, provides wide-ranging and in-depth analysis both of the economic theory underpinning intellectual property law, and the use of analytical methods to study it.

Volume 2 explores analytical methods used to study intellectual property law. The chapters survey data sources, the use of patent citation data, patent valuation, empirical studies of intellectual property modalities (patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secrets) and institutions, the impacts of technological change on technology and content industries, the use of experimental methods, economic history research, political economy, and knowledge commons research.

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Empirical Studies of Patent Pools