Cyber Insurance as Cyber Diplomacy


Cyber Insurance as Cyber Diplomacy



Professor Lubin's contribution to this volume is chapter 2: "Cyber Insurance as Cyber Diplomacy."



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Middle East Institute


Washington, D.C.


Middle East, Cyber war, Cyber warfare


Computer Law | International Law | Internet Law | Law | Military, War, and Peace | National Security Law | Science and Technology Law


Sexton, Michal and Eliza Campbell, eds. Cyber War and Cyber Peace in the Middle East. Middle East Institute, 2020.

Cyber War & Cyber Peace in the Middle East is an anthology of essays examining flashpoints and developments in conflict in the cyber domain in the past 10 years. This book, following the broad scope of the Middle East Institute’s Cyber Program, examines not only traditionally defined cyber warfare, but also information operations, authoritarian control of cyberspace, and surveillance issues. In summation, this work seeks to chronicle the history of this new domain in the unique geopolitical setting of the Middle East, and to offer policy proposals that can make it a more peaceful and equitable space.

With a foreword by top national security and cyber expert Richard A. Clarke, this is the first anthology of its kind to specifically detail cyber warfare in the Middle East. It gathers an array of technical practitioners, social science scholars, and legal experts to study the history and state of Middle East cyber conflict through multiple dimensions. It demystifies this novel domain of conflict in this historied and complex region.

For readers seeking a bird’s eye overview of cyber warfare and information operations in the Middle East, these essays serve as a practical starting point. As the cyber domain develops and the academic study of the field matures, cross-sectional analysis of cyber conflict from legal, technical, and regional angles will become more critical. This book captures a snapshot of the region’s still-early cyber history, clarifies how it may develop in the near- to medium-term future, and offers an idea of how its greatest risks can be avoided.

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Cyber Insurance as Cyber Diplomacy