Defining Crimes, 4th editon


Defining Crimes, 4th editon


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Defining Crimes, by the distinguished author team of Joseph L. Hoffmann (Indiana) and William J. Stuntz (late of Harvard), breaks from the tradition of Model Penal Code-centric casebooks and focuses instead on the rich intellectual and theoretical issues that arise from how crimes actually get defined and applied today by state and federal legislatures, trial and appellate courts, police, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and juries. The innovative approach of Defining Crimes enables the in-depth study of the problems and issues that affect the day-to-day contemporary practice of criminal law.

New to the 4th edition:

  • Three online chapters: Gun Crimes (formerly Chapter 8), Hate Crimes, and Crimmigration
  • New section about the crime of receiving stolen property in Chapter 5 (Property Crimes)
  • Principal case—U.S. v. Alvarez—about conspiracy in Chapter 7 (Inchoate Crimes and Accomplice Liability)
  • New section about consent in Chapter 10 (Defenses), discussing the consent defense to crimes other than rape and sexual assault
  • Notes discussing several prominent recent cases, including those involving Tamir Rice (2014), Brock Turner (2015), Amber Guyger (2018), Michael Drejka (2018), Michelle Carter (Mass. S.Ct. 2019), and George Floyd (2020)Extended excerpt from Kahler v. Kansas in Chapter 10 (Defenses), in which the Supreme Court upheld Kansas’s limited version of the insanity defense against a due process challenge, and notes about the Court’s recent decisions in Rehaif v. United States and Kelly v. United States
  • Notes discussing recent constitutional challenges to the use of criminal law against persons experiencing homelessness.


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Property Crimes, Drug Crimes, Crimes of Sex and Sexual Violence, Model Penal Code


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Defining Crimes, 4th editon