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Professor Widiss contributed chapter 6 "Work and Caregiving During COVID-19" and chapter 8 "Pregnant Employees and New Parents" in this Open Access book edited by Jeffrey Hirsh and Sachin Pandya.

The two Widiss chapters, combined into one .pdf file, can be downloaded above, or the entire book can be viewed HERE.

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COVID-19 Pandemic, Caregiving, Parents


Family Law | Labor and Employment Law | Law


Hirsch, Jeffrey and Sachin Pandya (eds.) Work Law Under Covid-19. 2021


This book is a first stab at explaining the ways that COVID-19 has thus far affected work law – mostly in the U.S. with a comparative look at few other countries. The book is a work in progress. To that end, feel free to send us comments and suggestions – including what we missed and what we got wrong.

This book is for you if you want to know more about COVID-19’s effect on work law, but don’t have the training, time, or patience to read the law itself or traditional legal commentary. As a result, the contributions are relatively short, but with links to cited primary and secondary sources if you want to dig deeper. The focus is mostly on the United States with a few cross-country comparisons.

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