Soft Targets: Emotions in the Passage of

Soft Targets: Emotions in the Passage of "Stand Your Ground" Legislation



Professor Madeira's contribution to this volume is chapter 27 "Soft Targets: Emotions in the Passage of 'Stand Your Ground' Legislation". Professor Madeira is also an editor of the volume.


9781788119078 (hb.), 9781788119085 (ebook)

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Edward Elgar Publishing


Cheltenham, UK


Self-defense, Deadly force, Indiana House Bill 1284, Wrongful death suit, Gun control


Civil Law | Civil Rights and Discrimination | Criminal Law | Law | Law and Race | Law and Society | Second Amendment


Bandes, Susan A., Madeira, Jody Lyneé, Temple, Kathryn D., and White, Emily Kidd (eds.), Research Handbook on Law and Emotion (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021).

This illuminating Research Handbook analyses the role that emotions play and ought to play in legal reasoning and practice, rejecting the simplistic distinction between reason and emotion.

International expert contributors take multidisciplinary approaches, drawing on neuroscience, philosophy, literary theory, psychology, history, and sociology to examine the role of a wide range of emotions across a variety of legal contexts. Chapters consider how the rich tapestry of human emotion impacts legal actors, influences legal doctrine, and shapes the dynamics of legal institutions. Moving beyond legal contexts traditionally considered rife with emotion such as the criminal law and jury trials, the Handbook explores how emotion relates to contracts, property, bankruptcy, international law, and truth and reconciliation commissions. It also reflects on the importance of research methodologies, theories, and techniques for assessing the role of emotion in the legal arena.

Surveying the depth and complexity of law and emotion across a panoply of legal actions, institutional contexts, and legal doctrines, this Research Handbook will be critical reading for academics and students of legal theory and legal philosophy. Its detailed examination of emotions in the practice of private, public, international, and criminal law will also be beneficial for lawyers, judges, and policymakers.

This volume also includes a chapter written by Pamela Foohey, "Debt's Emotional Encumbrances".

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Soft Targets: Emotions in the Passage of