Introduction to Taxation (5th edition)


Introduction to Taxation (5th edition)



The Fifth Edition of Introduction to Taxation was originally published as Fundamentals of Federal Income Tax Law. In writing this book, the author was guided by a view that as income tax law becomes increasingly complex the best approach to its teaching is to return to basics. Thus, Part I contains a concise treatment of federal income tax law focuses on the fundamentals. References throughout to supplementary materials allow for more in-depth exploration of issues. The Fifth Edition contains more than 25 notes about statutory interpretation, reflecting that tax law is an ideal vehicle for statutory interpretation. The materials also convey two key points about the legislative process as it pertains to tax law: (a) tax law is not static, but is ever changing; and (b) tax law is strongly influenced by special interest group pressures on our legislative body.

The name change for the book reflects the addition of Part II which allows professors to expand an introductory course to include survey materials on taxes other than the federal income tax. Part II addresses property taxes, the estate and gift tax, the social security payroll tax, the taxation of trusts and estates, corporate taxation, international tax issues, and multistate taxation. Thus, this Fifth Edition is structured to cover the following material:

Part I: Income Tax

  • Basic Concepts
  • Personal Consumption and Business Expenses
  • Savings
  • Limits on Deductions
  • The Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Appreciation
  • Timing

    Part II: Taxes Other Than Individual Income Taxes
  • Taxation of Property
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Taxes on Consumption
  • Entity Taxation
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Issues


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Introduction to Taxation (5th edition)