Defining Crimes, 2nd edition


Defining Crimes, 2nd edition



The distinguished author team of William J. Stuntz and Joseph L. Hoffmann has written an innovative new casebook that moves the study of criminal law out of the classic law and philosophy framework (“Why do we punish?”) and into the real world (“How is criminal law interpreted and applied in today’s criminal justice system?”). The entirely new perspective of Defining Crimes reflects the essential nature of the problems and issues that affect criminal cases every day.

Look for these key features:
• New introductory sections to explain the fundamentals of the criminal law that students need to know to understand many of the chapters and sub-chapters
• New secondary materials to provide greater social, historical, and/or political context for many of the issues that are covered in the book
• New coverage of several aspects of self-defense law, focusing especially on the recent Trayvon Martin case as well as the “castle” and “stand your ground” doctrines
• Revised and expanded discussion of the Model Penal Code’s basic culpability framework
• Expanded coverage of battered woman/spouse syndrome
• Expanded and updated coverage of medical marijuana laws and state decriminalization of marijuana
• Updated cases and notes throughout the book


9781454851356 (hb.), 9781454868798 (looseleaf)

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Defining Crimes, 2nd edition