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1981 Washington University Law Quarterly 793 (1981)


The Report and Recommendations of the Task Force on Lawyer Competency. The Role of the Law Schools appeared on August 10, 1979. The report was released under the auspices of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association. The title was quickly shortened to the Cramton Report, after Dean Roger Cramton, Chairman of the Task Force.

The Cramton Report advocates reform in law school coursework that would permit students simultaneously to explore and develop a greater number of skills relevant to practicing law. This Article advocates that these reforms' not be confined to the so-called "skills" courses but be considered with reference to all law school courses, including those employing the traditional case method approach. Rewards and frustrations that might result from implementation of the Cramton Report are related in the discussion of my experiences in modifying two courses traditionally taught by case method: Legal Methods and Conflict of Laws.