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27 Buffalo Law Review 181 (1978)


The present essay is one of the fruits of a four-year comparative research project entitled "Florence Access-to-Justice Project," sponsored by the Ford Foundation and, with a slightly more local focus, the Italian National Council of Research (CNR). The essay will serve as the General Report introducing the Project's forthcoming four-volume series. The volumes, being published by Sijthoff (Leyden and Boston) and Giuffr6 (Milan) under the general editorship of Mr. Cappelletti are: Volume I. Access to Justice: A World Survey (edited by Messrs. Cappelletti and Garth); Volume II. Access to Justice: Studies of Promising Institutions (edited by Mr. Cappelletti and Mr. John Weisner); Volume III. Access to justice: Emerging Perspectives and Issues (edited by Messrs. Cappelletti and Garth); and Volume IV. Patterns in Conflict Management: Essays in the Ethnography of Law. Access to Justice in an Anthropological Perspective (edited by Professor Klaus-Friedrich Koch).


The authors dedicate this essay to the memory of Professor Max Rheinstein, a master whose genius, world-wide experience, and sensitivity set the standards by which comparative scholarship will long be measured.

"But the just will live forever." (The Wisdom of Solomon 5:15.)