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65 Washington University Law Quarterly 694 (1987)


In Western civilization, a rationally ordered universe and human rationality are the central tenets of theology and moral philosophy. Conceptions, values, and principles implied by these premises have become entrenched in social and legal institutions. Concluding that religious teachings, even those of antiquity, are consistent with modern legal principles is reasonable, and almost common sense. An inquiry into whether this relationship is to any extent causal is fascinating. Professor Jerome Hall, the first President of AMINTAPHIL, discusses the relationship between the Christian doctrine of atonement and principles of modern criminal law.


*Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Indiana University School of Law

This article was originally published in Japan in a Festschrift for Justice Shigemitsu Dando upon his retirement from the Supreme Court of Japan. It subsequently appeared in THE JOURNAL OF LAW AND RELIGION, Volume I, Number 2, 1983.