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Henri Capitant Law Review (Special issue, 2018)


From the Foreword:

We are particularly pleased that this first special issue gives the opportunity to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Fifth Republic’s Constitution. Readers will find an enlightened vision of French constitutionalism, so patiently depicted by our colleague Elisabeth Zoller through a life of teachings and research, both in France and in the United States. Defined as “a political doctrine that aims to guarantee political freedom, i.e. the freedom we enjoy in respect of political power, as opposed to civil liberty, which we enjoy in respect of our peers”, constitutionalism has, in France, a profoundly unique character according to the author, while the Constitutional Council has a distinctive nature in that it operates both as “a regulatory body for the activities of the public authorities” and as a “constitutional public authority”.

This monograph will contribute to emphasize the merits of sixty year-old Constitution although it has been regularly suggested to do away with it…

Both constitutional law and political science connoisseurs will, in any case, find in this issue food for thoughts!