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ORALL Newsletter 10 (March 2016)


Since the moment I became a librarian, I have had a problem with technology. It’s not that I can’t keep up with the developments or that I can’t figure out ways to incorporate technology into my work. My problem is much simpler in a way—I find technology too distracting. With my desktop, my phone, and my iPad sitting in my office, how could I not be drawn to the glowing screens and the limitless websites before me? The Internet is never-ending, and so too, it seems, is my ability to be distracted by it. With a little dedication, however, I have managed to find some online technology tools that help me to be less distracted and more productive during my working hours. It’s ironic, but maybe unsurprising, that the Internet has been both the cause of and the cure to my technology woes.


Tech Tips Column