Federal Communications Law Journal

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46 Federal Communications Law Journal 39 (1993)


The recent developments in the telecommunications industry represent to many the birth of the multimedia world of the future that will make available new interactive services, computer and voice applications, and programming choices. The advancements with wireless technology may also make personal communications services (PCS) a major competitor with the local telephone industry. The ramifications of these developments will depend heavily on the regulatory directions that the government selects. The Author, as Commissioner of the FCC, begins his discussion by analyzing the recent business mergers and the motivations behind them. He then reviews the 1992 Cable Act, suggesting that while attempting to implement reregulation, the Commission, Congress, and the industry must collectively strive to ensure that the many opportunities for growth and development are given a viable chance to occur. He also discusses the changes in the cable-telco regulations and the recent developments in the wireless marketplace as potential areas where government regulation will play an important role. The Author concludes that with the tremendous changes in the industry, government regulators will play an important role guaranteeing that the new opportunities are available.