Federal Communications Law Journal

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47 Federal Communications Law Journal 1 (1994)


As new technologies reshape elemental aspects of our nation's communications system, the basic assumptions about how the system will be used to gather and distribute the news will, by necessity, need to be reexamined. Some working in journalism and communications are excited by the opportunities arising from the changing circumstances, while others fear the repercussions of setting new precedent. Whatever the perspective, it will be impossible for anyone to escape the relentless process of change. The Author begins with an intuitive vision of the landscape of electronic journalism in the twenty-first century. While the pace of change will herald an exciting age, the Author suggests it will pose profound challenges to those designing and building the news machine of the future. The Author concludes that time honored values, particularly the free press and journalistic ethics, must be utilized to insure that the inevitable technological changes befalling journalism are advantageous to all.

Symposium: The Transformation of Television News