Federal Communications Law Journal

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Special Feature

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48 Federal Communications Law Journal 389 (1996)


The Federal Communications Bar Association created an Ad Hoc Committee on Opinion Letters to create and develop materials to assist practitioners in drafting and negotiating opinion letters for FCC-related transactions. This Committee Report is intended to facilitate negotiations between opinion givers and recipients, whose respective business operations are at least in part regulated by the FCC. However, the Report is drafted with the assumption that practitioners utilizing it understand the basis for certain opinions are counsel(s examination of records which may be incomplete in the public reference room.
The Report is divided into four parts: (1) the general status of opinion giver(s client's (company) FCC Licenses; (2) opinions dealing with the actual transaction and the necessary FCC approvals; (3) pending litigation which may affect the status of FCC Licenses owned by the company; and (4) requests for opinions concerning the company(s compliance with communications law and regulation. Recommended language and commentary summarizing the Committee(s reasons for recommending the language are provided after each opinion.