Federal Communications Law Journal

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Book Review

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49 Federal Communications Law Journal 509 (1997)


Books Reviewed:

Guidebook to the Telecommunications Act of 1996; by Charles D. Ferris, Frank W. Lloyd, and Howard J. Symons; Matthew Bender & Co., Inc. (1996); 298 pages

The Telecommunications Act of 1996: Special Report; by Peter W. Huber, Michael K. Kellogg, and John Thorne; Little, Brown & Co. (1996); 428 pages

Telecommunications Act Handbook: A Complete Reference For Business; by Leon T. Knauer, Ronald K. Machtley, and Thomas M. Lynch; Government Institutes (1996); 620 pages

Legal Guide to Broadcast Law and Regulation; by the National Association of Broadcasters (5th ed. 1996); 700 pages

The Telecommunications Act of 1996: What It Means to Local Governments; by Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, PLC; National League of Cities (1996); 38 pages

National Regulatory Research Institute (NRRI) Series on the 1996 Telecommunications Act (all 1996):

The Eligible Telecommunications Carrier: A Strategy for Expanding Universal Service; by Phyllis Bernt; 87 pages

Determining When Competition is "Workable": A Handbook for State Commissions Making Assessments Required by the Telecommunications Act of 1996; by David Chessler; 103 pages

Convergence and Controversy in Early Interconnection Agreements; by Vivian Witkind Davis and Michael E. Clements; 43 pages

State Commission Mediation and Arbitration of Interconnection Agreements: Procedures and Status Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996; by Vivian Davis and Nancy Zearfoss; 43 pages

Competition-Enhancing Costing and Pricing Standards for Telecommunications Interconnection; by David Gabel; 44 pages

State and Federal Number Portability Policies; by Raymond Lawton and Nancy Zearfoss; 16 pages

Rights-of-Way and other Customer-Access Facilities: Issues, Policies, and Options for Regulators; by Edwin Rosenberg and Stella Rubia; 138 pages