Federal Communications Law Journal


David M. Mandy

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52 Federal Communications Law Journal 321 (2000)


At this writing, the FCC has denied Bell Operating Company applications for entry into in-region interLATA (long-distance) markets in Oklahoma, Michigan, South Carolina, Louisiana, and on a reapplication in Louisiana; approved one application for New York; and is currently considering an application for Texas. Thus, almost four years elapsed from the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 until any Bell Company received relief from the line-of-business restriction, and even now relief has been received in only one state. This Article briefly reviews the economics of Bell Company entry into interLATA markets; summarizes the reasons given by the FCC for its extant orders and the resulting slow pace of interLATA entry; and compares these decisions with the law and economics of Bell Company entry. This Article concludes that the FCC has largely adopted sound policies regarding checklist compliance and safeguards, but that the positions taken on Track compliance and public interest issues are troubling.