Federal Communications Law Journal

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61 Federal Communications Law Journal 325 (2009)


As part of its Intercarrier Compensation Reform Docket, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has received many proposals advocating for the adoption of regulations relating to tandem transit services. As transiting affects virtually every carrier in the telecommunications industry, including traditional CLECs, cable telephony providers, wireless carriers, and even traditional ILECs, the industry is sharply divided over which, if any, of those proposals should be adopted. This Article provides an in-depth look at the issues dividing the industry, and the various proposals before the FCC. The Authors then hypothesize that the FCC should follow the lead of several state commissions who have addressed this exact issue and adopt a nationwide policy that would facilitate the continued growth of competition in the tandem transiting market, as this result would best serve consumers, telecommunications providers, and the industry as a whole.