Federal Communications Law Journal

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61 Federal Communications Law Journal 483 (2009)


This Article presents some specific ways that U.S. policymakers should use teachings from the latest thinking in economics to create a conceptual framework in order to grapple with current controversies in communications law and regulation. First, it provides a brief overview of Emergence Economics, with an emphasis on the "rough formula" of emergence and the unique role of technological change in creating and furthering innovation and economic growth. Second, this paper explicates the general concept of "Adaptive Policymaking" by governments and includes some proposed guiding principles, an outline of the public policy design space, and an adaptive toolkit to be used by policymakers. Third, this Article discusses devising a policy design space specifically for communications policy, with an emphasis on the institutional and organizational challenges facing the FCC as it seeks to fulfill the suggested goal of furthering More Good Ideas. Finally, this paper explores the conceptual framework for the fitness landscape, including a searching critique of the notion of "enabling without dictating" evolutionary forces in the marketplace.