Federal Communications Law Journal

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Special Feature

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62 Federal Communications Law Journal 1 (2010)


Comprehensive and long-term spectrum reform can play a critical role in the FCC's development of a National Broadband Plan and in its consideration of Open Internet rules. More efficient and intensive use of the nation's spectrum resources would help provide a path to greater broadband deployment, competition and innovation for all consumers. Wireless and mobile technologies hold great promise to offer consumers new services to complement, extend, or even replace existing broadband offerings. A comprehensive review of the nation's spectrum policy is, therefore, necessary to ensure that wireless and mobile broadband services are not hamstrung by outdated rules or command-and-control spectrum allocations.

Spectrum reform should include three main components. First, the FCC should focus on understanding how existing spectrum allocations are used currently while ensuring that all existing allocations are made available to providers in a timely manner. Second, the FCC should review its allocation and spectrum sharing rules to promote more efficient spectrum usage. Third, the FCC should ensure its regulatory approach fosters innovative technologies and more efficient uses of spectrum.