Federal Communications Law Journal

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63 Federal Communications Law Journal 411 (2011)


Symposium: Rough Consensus and Running Code: Integrating Engineering Principles into Internet Policy Debates, held at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Technology Innovation and Competition on May 6-7, 2010.

This Article explores how the emerging Internet architecture of "cloud computing," content distribution networks, private peering and data-center services can simultaneously foster a perception of "unfair" network access while at the same time enabling significant competition for services, content, and innovation. A key enabler of these changes is the emergence of technologies that lower the barrier for entry in developing and deploying new services. Another is the design of successful Internet applications, which already accommodate the variation in service afforded by the current Internet. Regulators should be aware of the potential for anti-competitive practices in this broader "Internet Ecosystem," but should carefully consider the effects of regulation on that ecosystem.