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Edwin Roulette Keedy



Edwin Roulette Keedy was born in Boonsboro, Maryland, on January 19, 1880. Keedy received his undergraduate degree from Franklin & Marshall College in 1899 and his law degree from the Harvard School of Law in 1906. After Harvard, Keedy joined the faculty of the Indiana University School of Law where he taught from 1906 until 1909. Keedy left IU to teach at Northwestern University’s School of Law (1909-1915). In 1915, he joined the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he remained until his retirement in 1945. He served as Dean of the School from 1941 until his retirement.

During World War I, Keedy was a member of the board of review of the Judge Advocate General’s Department and during the World War II, he served as Chairman of the Selective Service Board of Appeals. An internationally known scholar in the fields of criminal law and criminal procedure, he coauthored the Code of Criminal Procedure for the American Law Institute (1924-29). He served as president of both the American Institute of Criminal Law (1924) and the International Law Association (1929). Keedy died in Philadelphia, at the age of 78, on November 25, 1958.


Indiana University Maurer School of Law Faculty, University of Pennsylvania Law School


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Edwin Roulette Keedy