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Amos Shartle Hershey was born on July 11, 1867 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He earned his A.B from Harvard in 1892, his Ph.D. from Heidelberg in 1894, and he studied in Paris as a Harvard fellow in 1895. In 1895, he joined the faculty of Indiana University, Bloomington with an initial appointment as assistant professor of political science. In 1900, he was promoted to associate professor of European history and politics, in 1905 junior professor of political science, and in 1907 professor of political science and international law. In 1914, the Indiana University Board of Trustees created a separate Department of Political Science with Dr. Hershey as the chair.

Dr. Hershey’s expertise and knowledge of international law was such that President Woodrow Wilson had him accompany the U.S. delegation to the Versailles Peace Conference after World War I as a technical advisor. Prior to the war, he had traveled extensively in Europe and the Orient on the Kahn fellowship. After his service at Versailles, he taught at Harvard, and then in 1923, he took a seven-month leave to travel in the Near East and Mediterranean. In 1928, he took another leave of absence he traveled throughout Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. He continued to teach at Indiana University until his retirement in 1932, and he was still working on a book right up to his death.

Dr. Amos Hershey died on June 12, 1933 in Madison, Indiana. Upon his death, the tributes poured in from newspapers around Indiana. The Indianapolis Star eulogized Dr. Hershey, saying, “The state lost one of its most eminent scholars and authorities in the field of international law and diplomacy in the death of Dr. Amos S. Hershey. … He was the type of faculty member who confers distinction on the institution he represents. His eminence in political science was recognized throughout the educational and diplomatic world.” The Bloomington Evening World said, “The passing of Amos S. Hershey removes from the campus a personage who brought fame and international honor to Indiana University. His brilliant mind and his power of analysis of diplomatic procedure made him invaluable to the United State government, and the recognition given him by President Wilson in the all-important treaty negotiations in Paris after the World War bespeaks the confidence which the great war president had in him. Those students who sat at his feet during the many years he was a part of Indiana University will always revere the memory of Dr. Hershey. He has gone to take his place with the Wylies, the Maxwells, the Jordans, and the Eigenmanns, for he earned the right to be among Indiana’s great.”


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