The Harris Lectureship was established in 1946 by a trust from the bequest of India Crago Harris in the name of her husband, Addison C. Harris.'96 Mr. Harris, an Indiana lawyer, was admitted to the bar following his graduation from Butler University and law study with Samuel E. Perkins, who later was Professor of Law at Indiana University. Harris served as the President of the Indiana State Bar Association, the Indiana Law School, and had been appointed by President McKinley as minister to Austria-Hungary. The collaboration between the Indiana Law Journal and the Harris Lecture Series began in 1956.

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Submissions from 2022

NIFLA and the Construction of Compelled Speech Doctrine, Robert Post
(97 Indiana Law Journal 1071 (2022))

Submissions from 2021

Polish Road Toward an Illiberal State: Methods and Resistance, Adam Bodnar
(96 Indiana Law Journal 1060 (2021))

Submissions from 2016

Living with Owning, Matt Ampleman and Douglas A. Kysar
(92 Indiana Law Journal 327 (2016))

Submissions from 2015

With All Deliberate Speed: Brown v. Board of Education, Julian Bond
(90 Indiana Law Journal 1671 (2015))

Submissions from 2014

Admit That the Waters Around You Have Grown: Change and Legal Education, Mari J. Matsuda
(89 Indiana Law Journal 1381 (2014))

Abortion and the “Woman Question”: Forty Years of Debate, Reva B. Siegel
(89 Indiana Law Journal 1365 (2014))

Submissions from 2012

Building the Federal Judiciary (Literally and Legally): the Monuments of Chief Justices Taft, Warren and Rehnquist, Judith Resnik
(87 Indiana Law Journal 823 (2012))

Submissions from 2011

Original Acquisition of Property: From Conquest & Possession to Democracy & Equal Opportunity, Joseph William Singer
(86 Indiana Law Journal 763 (2011))

Submissions from 2009

Poodles and Bulldogs: The United States, Britain, and the International Rule of Law, Philippe Sands
(84 Indiana Law Journal 1357 (2009))

Submissions from 2008

Taking Politics Religiously: Can Free Exercise and Establishment Clause Cases Illuminate the Law of Democracy?, Pamela S. Karlan
(83 Indiana Law Journal 1 (2008))

Submissions from 2004

Someday All This Will Be Yours: Inheritance, Adoption, and Obligation in Capitalist America, Hendrik Hartog
(79 Indiana Law Journal 345 (2004))

Submissions from 2002

Architexture, Akhil Reed Amar
(77 Indiana Law Journal 671 (2002))

Submissions from 2001

Intellectual Property: Old Boundaries and New Frontiers, Richard A. Epstein
(76 Indiana Law Journal 803 (2001))

Submissions from 2000

Humans, Computers, and Binding Commitment, Margaret Jane Radin
(75 Indiana Law Journal 1125 (2000))

Submissions from 1999

Multivocal Prejudices and Homo Equality, William N. Eskridge
(74 Indiana Law Journal 1085 (1999))

How Is International Human Rights Law Enforced?, Harold Hongju Koh
(74 Indiana Law Journal 1397 (1999))

Submissions from 1998

The Bankruptcy Crisis, Elizabeth Warren
(73 Indiana Law Journal 1079 (1998))

Submissions from 1995

The Constitution and the Subgroup Question, Martha Minow
(71 Indiana Law Journal 1 (1995))

Submissions from 1994

Homosexuality and the Constitution, Cass R. Sunstein
(70 Indiana Law Journal 1 (1994))

Submissions from 1993

The Material Basis of Jurisprudence, Richard A. Posner
(69 Indiana Law Journal 1 (1993))

Submissions from 1992

Tort Law and the Demands of Corrective Justice, Jules L. Coleman
(67 Indiana Law Journal 349 (1992))

Submissions from 1991

Clara Shortridge Foltz: Constitution-Maker, Barbara Allen Babcock
(66 Indiana Law Journal 849 (1991))

Submissions from 1990

The Constitution as Architecture: Legislative and Administrative Courts Under Article III, Paul M. Bator
(65 Indiana Law Journal 233 (1990))

Submissions from 1989

Law and Disorder, Robert W. Gordon
(64 Indiana Law Journal 803 (1989))

Submissions from 1986

Law Reviews-The Extreme Centrist Position, Ronald D. Rotunda
(62 Indiana Law Journal 1 (1986))

Submissions from 1985

Beyond Carolene Products, Bruce A. Ackerman
(98 Harvard Law Review 713 (1985))

Submissions from 1983

The Meaning of Judicial Self-Restraint, Richard A. Posner
(59 Indiana Law Journal 1 (1983))

Submissions from 1982

International Protection of Human Rights and State Sovereignty, Jost Delbruck
(57 Indiana Law Journal 567 (1982))

Should Judges Be Politicians?: The English Experience, Gareth Jones
(57 Indiana Law Journal 211 (1982))

Multiple Legal Representation of ERISA Plans and Employers Following Allegations of Fraud and Malfeasance, Elwyn C. Lee
(57 Indiana Law Journal 537 (1982))

The Media in the Courtroom: Attending, Reporting, Televising Criminal Cases, Paul Marcus
(57 Indiana Law Journal 235 (1982))

Toward a Syntax of the Unsaid: Construing the Sounds of Congressional and Constitutional Silence, Lawrence H. Tribe
(57 Indiana Law Journal 515 (1982))

Submissions from 1979

Professor Dworkin's Views on Legal Positivism, Genaro R. Carrio
(55 Indiana Law Journal 209 (1979))

Submissions from 1978

Constitutional Interpretivism: Its Allure and Impossibility, John Hart Ely
(53 Indiana Law Journal 399 (1978))

The Civil Rights Injunction, Owen M. Fiss

Submissions from 1977

Political Markets and Community Self-Determination: Competing Judicial Models of Local Government Legitimacy, Frank I. Michelman
(53 Indiana Law Journal 145 (1977))

Submissions from 1975

Concerning Cause and the Law of Torts: An Essay for Harry Kalven, Jr., Guido Calabresi
(43 University of Chicago Law Review 69 (1975))

The Awful Statute Book of Great Britain, Noel Hutton
(2 Notre Dame Journal of Legislation 1 (1975))

An Introduction to Environmental Thought: Some Sources and Some Criticisms, Charles J. Meyers
(50 Indiana Law Journal 426 (1975))

Submissions from 1974

Lawyers and Involuntary Clients: Attorney Fees from Funds, John P. Dawson
(87 Harvard Law Review 1597 (1974))

Aspects of the Executive's Power Over National Security Matters: Secrecy Classifications and Foreign Intelligence Wiretaps, Charles R. Nesson
(49 Indiana Law Journal 399 (1974))

Submissions from 1971

Neutral Principles and Some First Amendment Problems, Robert H. Bork
(47 Indiana Law Journal 1 (1971))

Submissions from 1969

Address on Consumer Credit Protection Legislation, William J. Pierce
(2 Indiana Legal Forum 106 (1968/69))

Submissions from 1965

Prejudicial Publicity and the Fair Trial: A Comparative Examination of American, English and Commonwealth Law, Addison C. Harris Memorial Lecture, Zelman Cowen
(41 Indiana Law Journal 69 (1965))

Submissions from 1962

A Lecture on Appellate Advocacy, Karl N. Llewellyn
(29 University of Chicago Law Review 627 (1962))

Submissions from 1961

The Law of Real Property in England and the United States: Some Comparisons, Francis R. Crane
(36 Indiana Law Journal 282 (1961))

Submissions from 1960

Colonial Law in Tropical Africa: The Conflict Between English, Islamic and Customary Law, J.N.D Anderson
(35 Indiana Law Journal 351 (1960))

Basic Problems in Criminal Theory and Japanese Criminal Law, Shigemitsu Dando
(35 Indiana Law Journal 423 (1960))

The Quality of Judges, Robert A. Leflar
(35 Indiana Law Journal 289 (1960))

Submissions from 1959

The Comparison of Soviet and American Law, Harold J. Berman
(34 Indiana Law Journal 559 (1959))

The Task of Comparative Law in Common Law Systems, R. H. Graveson
(34 Indiana Law Journal 571 (1959))

The Approach to French Law, Frederick H. Lawson
(34 Indiana Law Journal 531 (1959))

The Approach to German Law, Max Rheinstein
(34 Indiana Law Journal 546 (1959))

Submissions from 1958

The Regenerative Process in Law, Leon Green
(33 Indiana Law Journal 166 (1958))

Court Organization and Procedures to Meet the Needs of Modern Society, David W. Peck
(33 Indiana Law Journal 182 (1958))

The Role of the Lawyer in a Changing World, Harold A. Smith
(33 Indiana Law Journal 198 (1958))

Dedication Address, Earl Warren
(33 Indiana Law Journal 162 (1958))