As I Was Saying....A Selection of Lectures and Informal Talks on Law and Universities and the Communities that Usually Tolerate and Sometimes Support Them

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Writing by Dean William Harvey

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A 349 page collection of talks and recollections compiled by former Indiana University School of Law Dean, William Burnett Harvey. The collection is broken down into four parts: Reflections on the Rule of Law, The African Experience, Reflections on Education, Universities and Law, and Miscellaneous Musings.

Two appendixes are included. The first is a bibliography, and the second is two narrative accounts of Harvey's time in Ghana and his final years at Indiana University during the turbulent 1960s.


This digital copy was made from a photocopy of the manuscript. It is unknown where the original copy is, but the photocopy can be found in the Archives of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law Library.

For more information on Harvey, see his listing in the repository’s Law School Deans collection.