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Handwritten journal of David McDonald who is recognized as the first Professor of Law at Indiana University. The journal is undated but contains a transcribed article from the Cincinnati Gazette dated April 17, 1865.

McDonald was born in Millersburg, Kentucky and moved to Indiana when he was 14, in 1817. He eventually became a school teacher in Washington, before meeting a local lawyer who encouraged him to study law. He was licensed to practice in the Circuit Courts in 1830. He served as a member of the Indiana Legislature (1833-34) as well as being elected judge of the 10th Circuit Court in 1841, before joining the University. After retiring in 1852 he was presented with an honorary LL.D. degree. He died August 25, 1869 and is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.

The journal paginated, indexed and divided into sections covering a wide variety of subjects.

Subjects covered in the journal:

  • Anecdotes and Sayings, p.1
  • Natural Law, p.2
  • The Beautiful and the Good, p.4
  • Spanish Absurdity, p.5
  • Harvard University, p.6
  • Muhammadan Dialog, p.6
  • Divisions of the Books of the Bible, p.8
  • The Septuagint, p.9
  • Books, p.11
  • Anger, p.15
  • Prayer, p.18
  • Jewish Laws, Tradition, p.28
  • Human Depravity, p.53
  • The Ancient Philosophies, p.58
  • Fourteen pages of names and years of the following rulers: Distinguished Sovereigns and their Eras of the Roman Empire, Roman Emperors, Eastern Roman Emperors, Frankish Sovereigns, French Sovereigns, Kings of England, Emperors of Germany, Kings of Scotland, Sovereigns of Spain, p.64
  • Peruvian Bark-Quinine, p.78
  • The Deductive and Inductive Philosophies, p.79
  • Loss of Life in the War of Rebellion of 1861, p.82
  • Monasticism, p.84
  • The Gypsies p.87
  • Abelard, p.88
  • Martyrs, p.90
  • Ebionism, p.91
  • Is Matter Eternal?, p.92
  • Prophecy, p.96
  • An Army Moving (An excerpt from an article from the Cincinnati Gazette from April 17, 1865), p.99
  • A Religion without a God, p.100
  • A Puzzle, p.102
  • Rambles among Words, p.104
  • The Celebrated Catholic Maxim, p.137
  • The Mariner’s Compass, p.138
  • Woman, p.140
  • Curious Ecclesiastical Items, p.144
  • Sumptuary Laws, p.150
  • Theaters, p.152
  • Remarkable Facts Relating to the Occurrence in the Bible of the Names of the Deity-God and Lord-Elohim and Jehovah, p.154
  • Bible Names of the Deity, p.158
  • Resemblances between Stories Sacred and Profane, p.162
  • The Infinite Benevolence of the Deity, p.178
  • Human Sacrifices, p.187
  • Amazons, p.191
  • The Golden Rush, p.194
  • Fate and Predestination, p.196
  • Polytheism, p.202
  • The Essenes, p.218
  • Monotheism, p.222
  • Mahomet, p.224
  • Michael Servetus, p.226
  • The Test of Right and Wrong, p.251
  • Delicacy, p.258
  • Is the Existence of the Deity Provable by the Works of Natures, p.266
  • Vegetarians—The Buddhists, p.274
  • Superstition—Bigotry—Ignorance, p.276
  • Chronology, p.286
  • Fables and Fabulous Stories, p.298
  • Sacrifices, p.308
  • Jonathan Edwards, p.318
  • Anger, p.319
  • Resemblances between Sacred & Profane Stories, p.322
  • Handwritings, p.328
  • Wise Words, p.336
  • John Calvin, p.362
  • Martin Luther, p.374
  • Pythagoras, p.382
  • Unitarians, p.394
  • Apparent Death, p.400
  • The Catholic Trinity, p.322
  • Spiritualizing Scripture, p.425
  • Homer, p.427
  • Numbers of the Remaining Religions, p.429
  • Sacred Song, p.430
  • False Promises, p.448
  • Index, p.458

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David McDonald, Indiana University School of Law, Maurer School of Law, Professors, Deans, Indiana University, Journal


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The journal contains sections of blank pages. These blank pages were not scanned. As a result, there are pagination gaps in the digital document.

Journal of David McDonald