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Floyd Julius “Jack” Mattice (1882-1970) served as an American Associate Counsel at the Tokyo War Crimes Trials (officially known as the International Military Tribunal for the Far East.) Specifically, Mattice was counsel for defendants Seishiro Itagaki and Iwane Matsui.

Born in New York and raised in the Lima, Ohio area, Mattice moved to Rochester, Indiana in 1901. He read law in his Grandfather’s law office before enrolling at the University of Michigan School of Law, where he graduated in 1905. After law school Mattice began a legal career that spanned fifty years. Besides practicing law, Mattice held a variety of positions in public service and government, including Fulton County Prosecutor; Chief Deputy Prosecutor for Marion County; Indianapolis City Attorney; U. S. District Attorney in Indianapolis; Instructor of criminal law at the Indiana Law School; Special Agent for the U. S. Bureau of Investigation; Counsel for the U. S. States House of Representatives Select Committee on Lobbying; and Prosecutor of U. S. War Frauds. (Source: Rochester News-Sentinel, Dec. 30, 1970)

This digitized scrapbook is believed to have been compiled by Mattice’s secretary while he served in Japan. Dated documents range from 1946 to 1950. It eventually became the property of his granddaughter, Linda M. Prall of Bloomington, Indiana. Ms. Prall presented the scrapbook to the Jerome Hall Law Library in July of 2015. The scrapbook contains both personal and professional papers documenting Mattice’s time in Japan. These materials were glued and taped into the scrapbook. In addition several documents were found loose within the pages of the scrapbook. Images were digitized, whenever possible, in the order they were found in the scrapbook. Among the contents of the scrapbook are official orders; memorandums; newspaper clippings; photographs; souvenirs; maps; telegraphs; and handwritten personal letters to Mattice.

Additionally, the scrapbook contains several typed manuscripts, assumed to have been written by Mattice, and a three page handwritten Japanese character manuscript. The typed manuscripts include the following:

- Typed manuscript entitled, “The Japanese People."
- Typed manuscript entitled, “Causes of the Pacific War,” dated July 16, 1946.
- Typed manuscript entitled, “International Military Tribunal for the Far East.”
- Typed manuscript entitled, “Observations While Riding around Tokyo in a Jeep.”
- Typed manuscript entitled, “Observations anent Japan,” dated July 11, 1946.
- Typed manuscript entitled, “A Japanese Director’s Meeting,” dated July 12, 1946.
- Typed manuscript entitled, “Small World,” dated July 12, 1946.
- Typed manuscript entitled, “A Weekend in Tokyo,” dated July 15, 1946.

The scrapbook measures 14” x 10.75” and contains twenty-five leaves. Documents are adhered to both front and back of each leaf. The book is bound between two red cover boards with ribbons holding the boards in place. A three dimensional origami figure is on the cover.

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Learn more about the Tokyo War Crimes Trials at the "International Military Tribunal For The Far East" website, here.

The scrapbook, a gift of Mattice family member Linda M. Prall of Bloomington, is currently housed in the Archives of the Jerome Hall Law Library, Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

Floyd J. Mattice, Tokyo War Crimes Trial Scrapbook