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Publication Date

Winter 2014

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21 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 303 (2014)


This note explores the transnational security issues associated with the Pashtunistan region following the withdrawal of NATO from Afghanistan in 2014. More specifically, at a time when this region is at a religious, governance, and globalization crossroads, this note posits that only two alternatives exist for addressing the security situation in this region. First, a global executive, or executives, could use their power to exert transnational security pressure through drone strikes or other pseudo-military alternatives. A second alternative, and one which this note considers much more promising, is the development of a "NATO like" organization of Muslim nations to assist one another in addressing internal security issues. The note emphasizes that current global trends, particularly in the Muslim world, may create the impetus for such an organization and that the alternative would give rise to a continued unwanted expansion of executive power.