Document Type

Book Review

Publication Date

Summer 2015

Publication Citation

22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 697 (2015)


Henry Shue's Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection offers an extremely useful and readable guide to the key challenges, workable objectives, and possible responses to a major-if not the major-global problem faced today. For anyone interested or working in the area of international carbon emission control and remediation, this book places the subject in a combined philosophical and economic development framework while imposing an overarching principle of fairness.

Henry Shue presents an interesting and informative collection of essays and articles on climate change and the need for a method of global response to deal with the prickly issues of global warming. (In some of the later chapters or essays, "global warming" is replaced with the term "climate change.") Shue covers a wide array of issues including classification and identification of the major players in the global climate justice drama, the vastly different perspectives of the major players, the essential elements of any viable global warming solution, and his repeated theme: the four fundamental questions that any plan of climate justice must address.