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Winter 2016

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23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 267 (2016)


Today, across the globe, police agencies are militarizing to confront modern-day threats. This gradual shift towards militarized policing stems from the concept of risk-risk has driven nations to amend their laws so that their law enforcement agencies may militarize to meet whatever risk they face. In the United States, the gradual shift towards militarized police occurred after the crippling of the Posse Comitatus Act in the face of the developing 'War on Drugs" However, America is a late development in this trend; the majority of the Western world militarized themselves through the concept of 'gendarmes", while the Chinese militarized their police immediately after the Communist Revolution. Moreover, the Chinese militarized police are becoming more relevant today because of the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong that threatens the Communist regime.