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Summer 2016

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23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 377 (2016)


To explore these tentative diagnoses and conceptualizations we called for papers engaging different aspects of law's subjectivity turn. A selection of papers that map the possible genealogies for the emergence of post-neoliberal law, address the implications of anthropomorphic corporate regulation, or analyze transformations in sovereign subjectivities is now published in this symposium issue. The papers take up and make salient an array of the big questions of our day.

While overlapping, the papers can be broadly divided into two categories. The first category consists of papers that explore the internal make-up of legal and regulatory subjectivities. Drawing on history, queer theory and regulation studies, among others, the papers explore the most pertinent questions about the interaction of law with those it regulates.The second category of papers probes into the composition of the post-neoliberal order. Grounding the analysis in investment law, human rights, and contractual regimes, the papers expose a number of techniques through which the contours of post-neoliberal world[s] are shaped and contested.