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Publication Date

Summer 2018

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25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 797 (2018)


As organizations and corporations construct an international reach, they become influential actors in foreign relations between sovereign countries. Particularly, while Major League Baseball continues to recruit players and build a large fan base across the globe, it increases its ability to facilitate civil relations between the United States and other nations. An exploration of how professional baseball provides a useful platform to improve diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba best exemplifies how the League can promote change. Although the United States and Cuba have had a rather tumultuous relationship in recent history, a coordinated effort to improve the treatment of Cuban baseball players through changes in League rules and federal laws has the ability to spark a unified commitment to improved diplomacy. The proposed changes to improve relations with Cuba, can also be used by Major League Baseball and the United States to increase diplomatic success with other nations who have a vested interest in the success and fair treatment of their native baseball players.