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Publication Date

Summer 8-1-2021

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28 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 81 (2021)


With globalization, interconnectivity, and the possibilities of increased income through wage differentials comes the desirability to migrate for labour. Contrary to early migration theories, women are increasingly migrating for labour independent of male breadwinners. Therefore, "temporary and permanent movements are globalizing, accelerating, diversifying and feminizing." The influence of gender on migration has become so convoluted that culturally and socially constructed roles of masculinity and femininity motivate and inspire migration trends among many women migrating from Nigeria to Italy, creating a sort of gendered social agency. This piece offers an analysis of how social contexts and gendered expectations shape the desires of many Nigerian females to migrate and remain in Italy for labour. This piece also examines the role and response of law and policy in gendering migration trends.

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