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Publication Date

Spring 1997

Publication Citation

4 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 277 (1997)


In this article, Professor Jost Delbruck maintains that the United Nations

(U.N) has evolved beyond its original conception as merely an international

organization designed to facilitate cooperation between its various Member

States. As evidence of this transformation, Delbruck offers examples of UN.

practice and its impact. In particular, UN. regulation concerning global

commons and human rights has encouraged globalization by confirming

limitations on States' rights and sovereignty. Further, the UN. practice of

involving non-governmental organizations has helped to expand (or globalize)

the recognized subjects of international law.

According to Delbriuck, the UN. has become a global actor with a

meaningful role to play in the process of globalization. It should serve as a

forum for the determination of international public interest, promote the

participation of nonstate actors, and work to expand and reshape the

international legal framework. In this way, the UN. will live up to its new role

and provide for the emergence of a new global community.