Indiana Law Journal

Document Type

Book Review

Publication Date

Fall 1971

Publication Citation

47 Indiana Law Journal 179 (1971)


The following portion of the Book Review Section is comprised of three separate reviews of Professor James S. Mofsky's Blue Sky Restrictions on New Business Promotions. The reviews are written by one who represents those regulated, one who regulates and an academician. Professor Mofsky's message is most certainly a controversial one, and to devote but one review to his book would do a disservice not only to the field of securities law but to Indiana Law Journal readers as well. Similarly, as other books become available which, like Professor Mofsky's, contain messages of controversial import, the Board of Editors will endeavor to compile several reviews providing critical analysis of the authors' messages. In this manner we hope that the Indiana Law Journal will provide a forum for in-depth criticism of new and controversial ideas in various fields of the law.