Indiana Law Journal

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Publication Date

Summer 2015

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90 Indiana Law Journal 1365 (2015)


This Note will give an in-depth review of the legality and policy implications of Verizon’s lengthy certification process. Part I will give a short background of the time leading up to Verizon’s purchase of the C-Block. It will then review the actual rules of the agreement between Verizon and the FCC at the time of the purchase, as well as the pertinent history following the purchase. Part II will analyze whether Verizon’s lengthy certification process violates the C-Block rules or the general spirit of Verizon’s agreement to abide by the rules. Part III will then argue that, even if Verizon’s certification process does not violate the original rules of the agreement, recent developments and various public policy considerations should preclude Verizon from stalling before allowing various devices onto its network. Finally, Part IV will conclude with a proposal on how the FCC should handle this certificationprocess problem going forward.