Publication Citation

2 (1) IUSTITIA 84 (1974)


The role of the Black woman in the liberation of womankind must first be clearly defined to establish the context in which the term "liberation" is used before discussion of the subject can have any significance. If by the term "liberated," it is meant the throwing off of some kind of yoke of oppression and dehumanization invoked by men which often reflects itself in unequal opportunities and pay scales, particularly in the professional world, then it is highly questionable that the Black woman needs this type of liberation as the ultimate object of her energies and concern.

If on the other hand, the term "liberated" means striving toward building a Black nation, which is separate from purely capitalist, monetary obcessions but which is steeped in nationalism, self-determination and Pan- Africanism being the concept with Africa as the focal point of a unified international Black identity and a consolidation on the political, social and economic bases then, indeed, we are speaking of the very life blood of the Black woman.