Publication Citation

3 (1) IUSTITIA 5 (1975)


In this paper I have two main purposes: (i) to outline the most general structure of morality, which is the fundamental schema of a good society, and (ii) to indict most of the mainstream views in the history of moral philosophy for their unchecked tendency toward reductionism and oversimplification. The tendency to oversimplification appears both in the gathering of the data for philosophical theorizing and in the theorizing itself. I will also point out another major recurring error in moral philosophy. I envision the day when moral philosophers, after examining their ontological and their methodological assumptions, rally to the banner of anti-reductionism and complexification. Since reductionism and oversimplification are also widespread throughout the theory of the foundations of social sciences, this particular battle may, hopefully, provide also a worthwhile spectacle for the social scientists in this audience.